Split the Indifference (Geteilte Gleichgültigkeit)

by Wigrid / Sunshine & Lollipops

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"Split the Indifference (Geteilte Gleichgültigkeit)" is a split album by the bands Wigrid and Sunshine & Lollipops, each contributing two new and unreleased tracks.

For Wigrid this marks the first musical activity since 2005! After the release of said sophomore album "Die Asche eines Lebens" things got rather quiet around Wigrid, even though Ulfhednir, sole driving force behind the one-man-band, came up with new material for a planned EP and also recorded it. However, any ties to the former label had been cut in the meantime and Ulfhednir was withdrawing more and more from the deteriorating black metal scene. Consequentially, the recording never saw the light of day - until the hitherto virtually unknown band Sunshine & Lollipops eventually instigated a split album, which has now finally been released through Bleeding Heart Nihilist Productions. Wigrid's album share accounts for two new tracks, one of which consists of a kind of ambient-like sound collage, while the other with a running time of more than 10 minutes is a refined continuation of the suicidal/depressive Black Metal style known from earlier works.

Sunshine & Lollipops is a fairly recent Berlin-based band that represents a more old-school interpretation of Black Metal and whose musical roots could be situated somewhere between Venom and the early Norwegians, while a certain raw punk attitude also suggests some parallels to the likes of Impaled Nazarene or Carnivore. Regarding the lyrical concept, the name is rather misleading, though: S&L is concerned mainly with Schopenhauerian nihilism and revolt as interpreted by Albert Camus; although - or perhaps for that reason precisely – without taking themselves all-too seriously. Hence the attempted stilistic self-characterization as Absurdist Anarcho-Blackmetal. In addition to the exclusive new tracks this album contains two remastered songs from S&L's 2012 debut 7“ EP "Heartful of Sunshine" as a bonus.


released July 21, 2014

WIGRID is...
Ulfhednir - guitars, bass, drums, vocals, sampling

Alex Ithymia - guitars, bass, piano, bellow
Veenus Christ - drums, percussion

Mastered by Patrick W. Engel at Temple of Disharmony.



all rights reserved


Sunshine & Lollipops Berlin, Germany

Sunshine & Lollipops is an artistic statement against the status quo and life in general, established 2012 in Berlin, Germany, inspired by early black metal and the works of Arthur Schopenhauer and Albert Camus. S&L propagates the paradox of anarchy as a way to overcome society and nihilism as a way to overcome individualism.

S&L is:
Alex Ithymia - guitars, bass, vocals
Veenus Christ - drums
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Track Name: Wigrid - Trostdistanz

Entfremdet durch fehlenden
Bezug zur Emotionsdefinition
Eine konstante Präsenz der Leere
verdrängt die Wahrnehmung des
Körpers, innerhalb neuer Selbstentfremdung
Distanziert von Lebensqualität
manifestiert durch Kindheitsentzug
entsteht ein farbloses Emotions-
Instabil bleibt das Objekt
Konstant die Rotation im
Getrübt das Licht durch verdrecktes
Stehend im Schatten der Traumamauer
. . . zu groß die Trostdistanz
zur Lebensqualität
Stille . . .
Track Name: Sunshine & Lollipops - End of the Rope
There's no rebellion fueled by pride
reject that self-esteem
Don't call for retaliation in this fight
at least lose clean

Face your mountain, confront your stone
Lean right in, begin your feat

With true resistance comes disarray
discard those wasteful hopes
Revolt is not a goal, just the way
you can't elope

Innocent, violated, dead, dead, dead
Desperate, tainted, you're fucking dead

There's no deliverance from this fate
reject that childish dream
Don't wait for resignation, voice your hate
be heard, not seen

Carry your package, you're all alone
Hysterical laughter with each new defeat

Futile tries to avoid it, neck in noose
like that's a way to cope
Know there's no chance to win, nor to lose
no end of rope

Innocent, violated, dead, dead, dead
Hopeless, happy, fucked in the head

Embrace your task, though random and senseless
for what will you ask when answers can't fool you?
Defiance, so sweet, for cynics, enlightened
the more you bleed the less you can be ruled
Track Name: Sunshine & Lollipops - Best of All Possible Worlds
This, our best of all possible worlds
not even fit to wipe my filth

Your freedom means nothing
Your will means nothing
You suffer for nothing
Refuse to be aware

Don't live for today
and don't live for tomorrow
Don't look for a reason
Don't wait for those who follow

Don't live and be grateful
Appreciate the dead
Envy the unborn
Life is just a fad

Consent is momentary
Revolt knows no time
Defeat is for the ages
The pearl before us swine

And Leibniz can suck a fucking dick!

There is no soul, only cosmic indifference
Keep crying foul to cover the distance
No use feeling sorry, least of all for your own kind
There is no glory in a humane mind

Embrace the nuclear thunderstorm
and watch my rainbow rise
like a graphic stream of hatred
Track Name: Sunshine & Lollipops - (You're Addicted) And Why Not?
„Live fast, die young“ is more than just a phrase
anybody can say they've stared death in the face
My limits: ignored, I give in to every urge
I already gave death a fucking cavity search

Misfit, dimwit, lone wolf, horse shit
Outcast, outlaw, maverick, innate flaw

Show me the fruits of a life of labor
and I'll show you a wasted life
Philosophical Heroin suicide
Spoon-fed longing for death
Nursing your inner child back to disease
Syringe of shooting stars
Make a wish to end all wishes upon a bar
raised high beneath mortality

Working backwards from dead line (de)termination
Negating reason, or reason through negativity?
Working towards flatline abomination

You're addicted... and why not?